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Consignment Guide

Did you inherit a collection, or would you like to part with a stamp and/or coin collection for other reasons?

We are the right partner for you. We will competently assist you in a service-oriented manner during the complete selling process.

Learn everything you need to know about selling at our auctions here – from the first contact to the settlement after the auction.

Parting with a collection wants to be well thought out. After you have made this decision, you are looking for the right partner to handle it. Call us or write us a message. We are there for you!

Consignments for our bi-annual (May/June and November) auctions are accepted at any time. High-grade classic stamps, rarities from all around the world, excellent standard issues from all countries, well maintained collections and accumulations are especially sought after.

How we proceed

During a first consultation we will find a way for your collection to get to us, together. The method depends on the volume and on the value. The following variations are possible:

  • Shipping of your choice: send us your collection in a package via a shipping provider of your choice. Consult us for full-value insurance during shipping.
  • Pick-up by DHL: we will arrange for pick-up by our shipping partner DHL.
  • Personal delivery: you will deliver your treasures to our office in person.
  • Personal pick-up: we will pick up your collection from your home personally.

Let us decide on the best way for you together.

What comes next?

After you have placed a consignment order with us, our experts will prepare your pieces for auction, whether as individual lots or as a complete collection. Rely completely on our philatelists, they will act in your best interest.

Approximately four weeks before the auction starts, we will send you a consignment confirmation. Here you will find all the important information for you, such as bidding prices and division of your collection.

In the two weeks before the auction, interested parties have the opportunity to examine our offer at their leisure.

We accept written bids until one day before the auction starts.

Auction day

Maybe you are interested in watching the auction live – you are very welcome. If you cannot or do not want to be there in person, you can find the achieved prices online every evening. So you are immediately informed about what price your pieces have achieved.

Account settlement

Approximately six to eight weeks after the auction we will send you your statement. We will gladly transfer your proceeds to your account. Should you come back to us in person, e.g. to pick up lots that have not been auctioned, you can also receive your proceeds in cash.